The Pinnacles

Only about 2.5 hours north drive of Perth, I had yet to experience this attraction that so many visit my home state for.

As most of my family had a few days off around the festive season we decided to spend a day driving up to Jurien Bay, via Cervantes and Lancelin, making a stop into the famed Pinnacle desert.


Essentially a lot of sporadically placed and shaped rocks, the national park is quite interesting to behold in person.

You can choose to walk around it or drive through, as we did. This can be a good way to go since it is often either extremely hot, windy or both here.

Having never road tripped north (only south of Perth), I was immediately impressed by the scenery I witnessed while I drove.

To the left was the beautiful Indian Ocean, and to the right at periods would be massive pure white sand dunes that appeared out of nowhere. They actually look like they could almost be snow covered mountains from a far – not something you’d expect in Western Australia, that’s for sure.


Despite most of our day trip spent on the road, we had a fantastic time with a picnic lunch up at Jurien Bay. It was a little chilly due to some heavy winds but on a perfect day this section of the coast would be wonderful to swim around in.

Jurien Bay is also well known for its sky dive centre, which is something else the adventurous folk can do here.


While there are surely many day trips available from Perth to The Pinnacles, driving yourself is a great option too. Entry fee is $12 for the car, meaning you can split the cost amongst passengers. Self drive allows you the opportunity to stop off in a couple towns or photo spots here and there too, should you wish.


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