Margaret River

Three hours south of Perth is the town of Margaret River, a popular place for West Australians to visit during the warmer months with its beautiful wineries, stunning beaches and laid back lifestyle.


In an effort to deal with post Europe blues, my friends and I spent a weekend down here and got up to quite a bit!

Since nobody wanted to drive to the wineries and spoil the fun we booked on to a day tour called Margie’s Big Day Out.

While it isn’t the cheapest activity at $95pp, a packed itinerary certainly gives value for money. We visited a brewery…


About four wineries..


And enjoyed an included lunch between cheese and chocolate factories too.


All in all it was a great experience and by the day’s end we could no longer fit in anything else delicious so we headed to the beach.

All I have unfortunately is just Snapchat evidence of the delicious treats here!

The coast line near Margaret River is best known for its surf and you’ll see many boards out each day but it’s just as nice to lay down and enjoy views like this!


The only thing with more remote areas of WA is the distances between places can be quite large and a car (or some form of transport) is definitely recommended to make getting around possible.


You never know when the local creatures will come out to say hi either! Especially at dawn or dusk, which is the time kangaroos are most active.


There are also quite a few caves in this region and we checked out Lake Cave and Jewel Cave.

Entry fees are required for each cave or you can get a pass which will allow access to the main three caves, the other being Mammoth Cave.


I personally enjoyed Jewel Cave most for its impressive array of stalactites and stalacmites which suspend over water – the effect is pretty magical!


We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in Margaret River town centre but we gave the local pub Settlers Tavern a try and the food here was really good.

At night they sometimes have live music too which I imagine would be a nice way to spend an evening.


A visit to the southwest region of Western Australia is a great addition to a trip to Perth and the amount to do here will certianly keep you busy for a few days!


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