Jetstar Asia – Review

Traveling Perth to Singapore return on Jetstar Asia my friend and I chose to fly as there was a ‘take a friend for free’ sale so we basically split the cost of one airfare!

Having flown Jetstar Australia before many times I would have to say I really noticed no differences between the two.

The cabin crew was friendly and the service was on time (which can often be an issue for Jetstar) when I flew both ways.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.42.54 am

As Jetstar Asia only operate A320s the aircraft isn’t really that big with a three seat/aisle/three seat configuration, so legroom is quite tight.

Entertainment and food is not included of course and is available for hire or purchase.

As with most low budget carriers, luggage is also not included but you can add this on dependent on the amount required for a fee.

What I like best about Jetstar Asia is the amount of destinations they have in the regions with connections from Singapore to Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam to name a few.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.45.42 am
Both images:

While Jetstar Asia fares give you the basics only, when they are on special you can certainly pick up great deals to fly around the Asian continent for much less than their full service counterparts!


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