Two and a half hours plane ride from my home town of Perth is the sensational Broome.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 2.21.45 pm

Not many people are aware that underneath the shadow of kangaroo fame Australia is actually home to the world’s largest population of wild camels.. so random right!

You can ride a bunch of tame ones though on beautiful Cable Beach – sunset is when my friend and I went and the view was truly amazing.

Any time you visit a regional place in Australia like Broome the prices aren’t cheap for both flights and accommodation but we went in October as wet season was beginning.

While it was really humid there was no rain luckily and we took advantage of the specials on during this time of year (June – Aug is the highest season here and Australian summer is when its the worst time to visit as there’s chances of cyclones).

My friend grew up in Broome so I was fortunate enough to tag along as friends and family generously showed and drove us around.


On weekends there is a market in town where you can find some beautiful home made wears and delicious food stalls – we had some fantastic satay here.

Although Cable Beach is the most popular beach, I quite enjoyed Town Beach also and if you’re lucky enough to be here for the Staircase to the Moon, this is where you can view it.


Apparently there can sometimes be a crocodile spotted not far from shore though so do be careful if you go into the water!

Broome has a rich history but is probably best known for its pearling legacy, which continues today.

You can visit a place such as Willie Creek Pearls for a tour and hear about the dangerous business of pearl diving and in particular the large role Japanese people had in the industry.


Otherwise we didn’t get up to a whole lot here (largely due to the humidity) but enjoyed a dinner at Zanders on Cable Beach, coffee at Town Beach Café and unfortunately ran out of time to make it to Matso’s Brewery (but I have tried their beers before and they are quite nice).

There’s also an outdoor cinema in town which seemed like a cool place to visit and I will be saving for next time!

Our pool at the Oaks Broome


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