How to make the most of traveling with two passports

As I checked in at the airport in Prague I handed over my passport, as you do.

“Do you have a visa to visit Australia?” the woman asked bluntly.

Giving her a slightly open mouthed and confused look I replied that of course I didn’t – I was a citizen!

She was completely right to give silly me only an arched eyebrow in response.


Stupidly (and because I had been traveling for so long on my EU passport) I had completely forgotten that when heading back home I would of course need to dig out my long since used Australian passport instead.

If you also are a dual national you may have experienced too the sometimes confusion over using passports but luckily Style Hi has a handy step by step guide that’s worth checking out to really clarify the process!

While you may not get stamps into each country (massive sad face) when you’re a dual citizen, the benefits of having two passports are immense and it is extremely lucky to be in such a position – thank you Italian heritage – for the obvious work and travel advantages.

Tips for getting the most from your passports

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 2.20.06 pm
Skip the lines

Utilising the fast track entry into a country

When entering a country there is usually a DIY check in available for certain nationalities and having an EU passport means I can skip the international line within most of Europe and save some time at the airport -a massive plus!

Always look into the benefits at tourist attractions

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 2.21.21 pm
Enjoying the view – for free!

As an EU passport holder many European tourist sites are free to citizens and if you’re under 25 years old.

For example in France I was able to enter Versailles, the Louvre and climb the Arc de Triomphe without paying a thing!

If you’re over the 25 cut off don’t fret – there is sometimes even simply cheaper rates available for local citizens.

Perhaps this is something that might work for you if you are say..a dual national North or South America. I haven’t looked into it personally for these regions but if you do happen to be a dual national of other places in the world besides the EU, always checking if entry prices may be lower for you can never hurt!

Do some research to see which passport allows for cheaper or no visa fees

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 4.27.34 pm

When applying for a Russian visa I got charged less for doing this on my Italian passport than I would’ve been had I tried as an Australian.

A friend travelled South America on an EU passport and paid considerably less in many countries for a visa than USA, Australian on British citizens.

If you have two passports comparing the prices may grant you some extra spending money!

Still always check a reliable source such as Visas Direct though for up to date information about how long you can stay in a country and what the requirements are for entry.


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