Virgin Australia – Review

I flew with Virgin Australia in economy class to Bali, Indonesia which is an extremely popular route from Perth, Western Australia.

Luggage is now included in the airfare without having to pay extra.

The configuration on board was three and three, and with one aisle.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.27.30 pm

I travelled with Virgin during a work trip and for the return flight home my coworkers and I were sitting in row 10. Someone in row 8 asked for a wine when the drinks were offered however, they had run out. By row 8. It’s not a big deal of course but just seems kind of silly.

There were no seat back TV’s for this flight as it was short haul but Virgin Australia had recently come out with their entertainment app which meant we could access via on board wifi a selection of movies and TV on our own devices, which I enjoyed since it is a supreme step up from the alternative of having nothing at all.

You need to of course download this app while having internet access though which means doing so PRIOR to your flight.

Both flights ran on schedule and the staff were all friendly enough.

I’ve flown Virgin Australia a couple times in the past between Western Australia and Queensland and had similar experiences. Check in ran to schedule and service was friendly and prompt at all times.

I would fly Virgin again and although they now offer meals and drinks on most services in an effort to raise their branding to be more on par with Qantas rather than Jetstar, until there is proper entertainment on board the airline will still fall a little short on delivery here domestically.

From my time as an agent and the feedback of my own family who have flown with VA on their Los Angeles to Sydney route the long haul service they received was top quality and they had nothing negative to comment on at all so I will definitely be considering them the next time I go to North America.


3 thoughts on “Virgin Australia – Review

  1. Virgin is pretty good on long haul due to its intense partnership with Etihad. It would be very likely to see the high standards on domestic flights, too. This would definitely help in the “fight” against Qantas! Thanks for the review! 🙂

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