Air Serbia – Review

If you’ve ever tried to get to Croatia by airplane from anywhere in Europe you may have also experienced the difficulties in doing so.

Even if you do manage to get a direct flight it’s often very expensive too if you’re aiming to go there in summer no matter where you fly into Split, Dubrovnik or Zagreb.

My friends and I needed to get from Krakow to Split and after exploring overland options which were still coming up pricey, we decided we would have to backtrack up to Warsaw (with Polish LOT) and fly from there.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.27.25 am

Our journey was Warsaw – Belgrade – Split with Air Serbia.

The first flight was wonderful – it was a modern aircraft and smooth journey with ample leg room and comfortable seats.

For such a short journey there was no service on board but the airline is a full service one for longer distances.

The transit time in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport was only a couple hours and it appears as if they have renovated most of the building recently.

Our second leg to Split wasn’t as pleasant as the first.

There seemed to be no air conditioning.. considering it’s usually freezing on planes I found the disgustingly hot temperature even more challenging as a scaredy cat flier who needs to take deep breaths all the time to not freak out.

Both images:

The aircraft itself seemed pretty outdated too and there was even no smoking signs still remaining next to the seatbelt lights above your head!

Luckily it was only an hour long flight since I couldn’t wait to get out of that plane!!

I would fly Air Serbia again if I had to but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice – in saying that though these were two short haul flights and perhaps their longer ones are on different or newer aircraft.

Air Serbia is also a partner of Etihad Airlines.



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