Scoot – Review

Scoot is a budget airline which is wholly owned by Singapore Airlines.

They fly currently to 14 destinations in Australia and South East Asia including Bangkok and Hong Kong but with airline partnerships there are many more cities available.

Conveniently for me Scoot operates direct flights for cheap prices between my city of Perth to Singapore five times a week which is why I decided to try them out.

Immediately when I stepped on board I was so impressed by the spacious cabin and decent leg room for an economy seat. While originally flying with old Singapore Airlines aircraft, Scoot now uses Boeing Dreamliners on this route so the airplane is of course visibly new and comfortable.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.51.30 pm

The cabin crew I encountered were all pleasant and it’s clear that the image Scoot aims to portray is a young one. The pilot en route back to Perth had a great sense of humour with a quirky message over the loud speaker for the passengers.

As a low cost carrier no food is included of course but there are quite a few options available for purchase on board. Also up for add on is baggage, wifi, access to a powerpoint and seats where only silence is allowed.

Scoot also has a business class section Scootbiz at the pointy end for those who want that bit more included but don’t want to pay the price equivalent for on the full service carriers.

I would definitely fly Scoot again and think they offer excellent value for money.


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