Underestimating the size of Langkawi

My trip to Langkawi was last minute, I decided since I wasn’t such a fan of Kuala Lumpur that I would spend less days there which meant I had room for somewhere else on my Malaysian itinerary.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.58.23 am

Therefore booking the ferry a day before I wanted to go I can safely say I did not do much research into the island, which became super apparent once I arrived and found out there is no public transport here.


This is probably the most important factor to consider since Langkawi is quite a large island and the only way to travel around it is by taxi or choose to hire a car/scooter.

A scooter will cost about 35RM per day making it the most economic choice although I’m not sure how much a car hire is.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.03.02 am

Taxi’s of course depend on where you go but if you stay in Pantai Cenang like I did for example, a taxi to either the ferry terminal or major attractions will be at least 30RM each time so this quickly adds up.

Luckily for me I met a couple other backpackers who had a spare helmet so one day I rode around with them and the next day a guy in our hostel kindly offered to let us tag along in his car so I only ended up having to take a taxi a couple times in all!


Langkawi is super touristy – it even has its own international airport.

As I had travelled to the Perhentian Islands earlier in the month this was a sharp contrast to the basic nature of these islands however I still enjoyed my time in Langkawi even if it is much more populated, I just feel like 3 days or so here is enough though.

The most iconic site on the island is the Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.58.43 am

Despite my fear of heights I decided to go since the views are well worth the fear.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.58.53 am

Unfortunately my GoPro ran out of battery while I was up here which I was pretty gutted about but the sky was so blue and clear that even an iPhone took some good shots from this wonderful vantage point.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.59.27 am

From memory it was about 35RM (9 USD) to go up on the cable car but you need to pay an extra 5RM (1.5 USD) once you’re up there to go on the bridge.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.59.43 am

Not too far from the Sky Bridge is the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall.

I was wandering around trying to find someone to ask at the base of the cable car where I could find the waterfall when I heard a couple guys asking the same question which is how I met my friends who offered to let me join their scooter gang.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.00.09 am

It wasn’t too busy and the natural scenery at this waterfall is lovely so if you’re taking in the cable car try to make it to here also!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.00.00 am

My favourite beach on Langkawi was Pasir Tengkorak. There was hardly anyone there when we went and the water was calm and the perfect temperature. The sand was also probably the nicest and cleanest I saw on the island.

Not too far from here is also another waterfall called Temurun.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.01.16 am

It’s a short 5 or so minute walk to get to from the entrance/where you can park but it is also quite lovely to see and hang out at for a bit.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.01.02 am

One day I chose to do the Mangrove Kayak Trip with Dev’s Adventure Tours.

I thought it was a little pricey at 220RM (57 USD) but I really wanted to do some kayaking and mangroves seemed like a cool place to undertake it anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.02.43 am

It was a fun experience until it started POURING with rain which made it pretty difficult to navigate the low bush and roots of the trees. You also see a bat cave and a nice lunch is included in addition to return transfer pick up.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.02.23 am

Another popular day trip is to do a few hours island hopping which you can book almost anywhere. A few friends did this and rather enjoyed it.

If you’re around the Pantai Cenang area two of my favourite places to eat were the Yellow Beach Café and La Chocolatine.

The former is right on the beach so you get a great view, especially if it’s not cloudy and you can see the sunset. The latter is a French patisserie with the most amazing sweets but they also do a good breakfast – definitely check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.59.15 am


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