Trenitalia – Review

Ahh Italian transport, it’ll get you there but on their time.

If you go in expecting this maybe you won’t be so frustrated!

I decided to take a day trip out to Tivoli and the Villa D’Este which is about an hour in each direction by train.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.22.51 pm
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After waiting a good hour in line to buy the ticket at Termini station because the self serve machines were too vague I had to take the metro to another station and then catch my overland service. Easy enough.

Expect that apparently you need to validate EVERY ticket you purchase with Trenitalia before you board at a machine (usually not in obvious site) otherwise you too can negotiate yourself out of a fine when the inspector inevitably comes around.

Fortunately through my combination of italianglish I was able to work the 50 euro fine (seriously ridiculous) down to 5.

Service wise though while the trains aren’t the most modern they are clean and adequate.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.23.44 pm
A typical intercity train

I also found the prices were quite fair and reasonable so despite the chance of frequent delay Trenitalia is pretty good value still.

They seem to do a fair amount of 2 for 1 specials too so if you can nab one of these that would be a bonus.

When my group was in Cinque Terre we also used Trenitalia since the weather wasn’t the best and many of the walking routes were closed.

Luckily our tour provided us with an unlimited day pass on the trains between all the villages.

Again, these will come when they want.

We literally waited 40 MINUTES for a couple minute train ride between two of the villages simply because we couldn’t walk there in the weather.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 3.23.54 pm
A Frecciarossa high speed service

While I didn’t take any of the high speed services between Rome – Florence – Milan etc on my trip apparently these are quite good so I may try them out on another trip to Italy.

Trenitalia has connections to many cities in Italy and if you’re using a Eurail pass you’ll be able to use it with Trenitalia too.


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