Singapore Airlines – Review

To date Singapore Airlines is my favourite carrier.

If clients asked me why I liked them so much when I worked at a travel agency I used to laugh because one of the major reasons is so silly – it’s because they have footrests.

I know they’re a small thing but a lot of airlines don’t have them anymore and Singapore’s allow you to adjust the height quite a lot so that you can alter your seating position/legs to get more comfortable!

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.50.02 pm

For meal times I have noticed that they come around and serve each passenger a tray individually, they don’t seem to roll the trolleys down the aisle which creates a feeling of more space and personal service even if you’re sitting in coach.

The service I have received on board has always been top notch. I’ve flown the airline economy class Perth – Ho Chi Minh – Hanoi – Perth and Perth – Paris return.

In my opinion Singapore’s Changi Airport is the BEST place to kill a few hours on a stopover if you’re continuing your journey onwards. There is literally hundreds of shops and things to do, getting to them would take you an entire day. This place even has a butterfly sanctuary – seriously.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.49.38 pm

When you fly with Singapore Airlines your boarding pass gives you access to multiple discounts around Changi airport and Singapore so do make a note to look into these and see if they might be relevant to you!

Singapore’s fleet of planes is quite modern and their business and first class product is supposed to be high quality too (based on what I’ve heard from ex-customers!) The airline has recently introduced premium economy also.

The variety of entertainment on board is of a good standard which you would expect from all long haul providers and any meals I’ve gotten on a flight have been pretty tasty too.

On the way back from Paris when I flew with them, it was my 17th birthday and my friends must’ve told the flight attendants since they made an announcement over the loudspeaker and gave me a small cake!

That same flight, the girl next to me from our exchange group was vomiting constantly and the flight attendant was so lovely even when I sickeningly handed him a bag of spew since my friend was busy filling up another.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.51.12 pm
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When I flew with Singapore Airlines to Vietnam return more recently it was on an agent’s ticket and since I paid next to nothing I was booted to the back row of the plane, which I was fine with considering the price.

I left my cup of tea since there was a small crack in the cup which made it hard to drink without spilling and when I handed back the tray the flight attendant asked me if it had been OK. I mentioned it was leaking and he promptly got me a new one, apologising profusely – so nice!

Singapore Airlines has services from Singapore to destinations all over the world. Their services have always been on time for me and for an airport as large as Changi they definitely run things smoothly and efficiently.

I would never hesitate to fly Singapore Airlines and not that it relates to their service in anyway but I think the flight attendants have one of the best uniforms in the airline industry too!


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