Qantas – Review

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Despite being in the media repeatedly in recent years for largely negative reasons (mainly to do with their financial status) there’s no doubt Qantas will continue to embrace its perfect safety rating as the public takes this into consideration more so than ever before choosing an airline nowadays, following the past year’s aviation tragedies.

I’ve flown with Qantas both domestically and internationally and my flights with them have all been in economy class. They include Perth -Melbourne return, Perth – Sydney, Brisbane – Perth and Sydney – LA return on the A380.

There is a reason they are the premier airline in Australia with all baggage included, full service on board (drinks and good quality meals included) and an awesome range of entertainment to choose from.

That being said, you will pay the appropriate price for this as their fares can often be much more than other airlines operating within or in/out of Australia.

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Both images:

The service I have received from their staff has always been quite good, except for the time I was fortunate enough to be sat next to a young boy of about 7 years traveling alone and the flight attendant checked on him maybe once in 5 hours meaning I essentially was his babysitter..

Aside from that one experience I really enjoy that the airline has self serve check in for your luggage at the airport, which makes things super quick and easy.

The airline is also part of the OneWorld alliance for those keen on gaining frequent flyer miles.

Never would I hesitate to fly with Qantas, they are consistent and reliable – if I wasn’t on a strict budget most trips I’d definitely be flying with them more often!


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