Jetstar Australia – Review

I’ve flown Jetstar Australia many times, most recently was in May this year since they are the only carrier with a direct (although only seasonal) flight between the Gold Coast and Perth.

The fact that they have downgraded their carry on luggage to 7kg from 10kg recently was a little annoying but being away for only 5 days I didn’t bother to purchase additional checked bags. If you can travel light this is really where Jetstar works for you.

If you do need to purchase luggage even after doing so, often Jetstar’s prices still remain competitive against the full service airlines of Qantas (their parent company) and Virgin Australia.

Tiger Airways is Jetstar’s main (and if I’m not mistaken, only) low budget airline competitor within Australia and while I haven’t flown with them myself, when I was a travel agent clients always seemed to have a higher regard for Jetstar when talking about the two.

Like all low budget airlines if you want any food or drink on board it is available for purchase.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.43.36 pm

There is of course no entertainment provided either however iPad’s are available for hire with a selection of movies pre-loaded.

Most times I’ve flown with Jetstar the aircraft has been an Airbus A320 and some have been more comfortable than others. I suppose this was depending on the age of the aircraft.

The seats onboard my last flight were actually pretty decent in terms of legroom and width (as much as can be expected on a budget airline!) although in the past I have had smaller seats with less so I feel it’s a bit of a lucky dip on this.

Jetstar flight attendants have always been lovely when I’ve travelled with them and I’ve only been delayed with them once and that was by about an hour.

I do hear a few stories of their planes running behind schedule and it this has been the case for one of my friend’s almost every time she’s flown with them but again this is up to chance obviously. You can find on time performance results on Jetstar’s website.

Overall I will continue to fly with Jetstar while I still fall into the category of budget traveller.

Their fares are often substantially less than Qantas and Virgin even with the baggage and booking fees added. This may not be true in all instances so it is best to always compare prices but for the very low prices I’ve paid with Jetstar I am certainly a happy customer.

The company also services every major city in Australia and a few in New Zealand too.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 3.45.37 pm
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