After spending a couple weeks in London, it was fantastic to escape the hustle with a day out in Brighton, visiting a friend who lives here.

Located about an hour’s train ride away from the city, it’s a cheap and easy trip to make and despite being nowhere near the appropriate temperature for the beach, I still always enjoy being near the ocean as it reminds me of home.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.42.46 pm

The long pier is the icon of Brighton and has been operating since 1899, today there’s an arcade and various rides to be found here. It makes for a nice stroll to look back and admire the town from a far.

I wish we’d walked down the pier before lunch though because there was a delicious looking noodle stand offering a plate for only a few pounds, so check it out if you’re hungry and in search of a good deal!

In retrospect I was so lazy with my photos here I can’t believe it! I only took some of the pier really but the shops on offer in town are pretty cool in their own right. An eclectic mixture of shopfronts and street art can be found on and near North Laine.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.43.08 pm

I would’ve liked to squeeze in a visit inside the Royal Pavilion (a former royal residence from the 19th century) which looks like it belongs in India rather than the middle of Brighton, but I would’ve been pushing it to make my return train.

It is one of the must see’s though (even just from the outside) for the town due to its unique architecture.

It was used as a hospital during WW1 and in more recent times was the location for some of the first gay marriages in the UK, as the town is well known for its openness towards its large LGBT population.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 3.43.21 pm

I think Brighton would be in its element on a bright day in the middle of summer, but this is England and the chances of that aren’t high so if you’re looking to escape London for a bit, no matter what the weather this town still has a lot to keep you occupied!


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