Wachau Valley

There are few things I consider better than wine, especially if we’re talking about drinking wine in Europe.

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Austria wasn’t a country I thought I would be doing a bicycle wine tour in to be perfectly honest, but when my friend suggested it as a day tour out of Vienna I was immediately on board.

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So I booked the tour though Discover Vienna, even though a bike riding element always makes me a little hesitant (since I only learned to ride one when I was 12 years old and am still exceptionally bad at it!)

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I’m so glad I did since it was one of my favourite activities during my entire seven months trip. This may have been aided by the fact the bike riding was actually pretty easy and I only fell off once which I consider a massive success!

The Wachau Valley itself was simply beautiful and the day we were there had some crazy fog hanging over the hills which surprisingly made for even better pictures and by about 1pm the sun came out and made it perfect.

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The day largely comprised of cycling, broken up with a couple stops in some small towns where we hiked to the top of a hill (felt like a small mountain..) to get a higher vantage point and more photos.

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In some of these towns you can also try the other speciality besides wine, the main one being schnapps and there’s many varieties and flavours available.

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There’s an option to pay around 8 euro for a BBQ lunch which everyone did. It was basically at one of the vineyard owners or a local’s house from what I could tell which made for a cozy setting and there was a large selection of meats in addition to salads and drinks, including more wine.

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I think there must’ve been around 4 wine stops during the tour and with each the cycling got unsurprisingly easier although perceptions of balance, more questionable.

I was supremely lucky to have a fantastic group of people, as it’s always the luck of the draw of course, and a few of us even went out for a schnitzel dinner after the tour too. Stereotypical perhaps while in Austria, but completely delicious.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.33.31 am

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The Grape Grazing tour was 52 euros when I went in October 2014. It includes return train journey to the Wachau Valley, a guide, bicycle hire for day and a generous amount of wine tasting.


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