The best free maps in Europe – Use It

I first came across Use It’s wonderful maps in Ghent, Belgium. The colourfully hand drawn look of the cover drew my interest amongst the normal littering of brochures and pamphlets cluttering a hostel reception area.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.27.17 pm

As a self confessed failure at map reading, I really enjoyed the easy to follow layout and the breakdown of attractions/areas of interest. The nearest supermarkets, laundromats and ATMs are other essentials highlighted.

There are recommendations from local young people that get you away from the normal tourist drawcards too. In Ghent I was able to find unique street artworks because of a mention in the guide. In Belgium on the key Use It even has outlined the nearest fry shops clearly – what more could you want! I was able to use their maps in a few places and was always happy with the suggestions I followed.

You can download a variety of cities for free on their website here. The current list includes:


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