The importance of travel insurance

I never go overseas without travel insurance. I know many people don’t take out a policy and that’s their choice, but it really is a small price to pay compared to the amounts you could be faced with should something unfortunately go wrong during your trip.

When I was a travel agent I would come across many instances when people’s trips didn’t go to plan. They would either become sick or injured before they left or while they were overseas and it wasn’t such a big deal when they had taken out travel insurance from the beginning, when they first started booking their holidays but if they hadn’ could be a real headache! Not to mention the costs involved to change or cancel flights and accommodation.

There is an abundant amount of companies that offer travel insurance from your health to credit card providers. I personally prefer to go with a specially dedicated company just for travel insurance, like Covermore. Others include 1Cover and for those not in Australia, World Nomads (I haven’t used these two myself but know plenty of other bloggers and friends who do.)

I’ve have to claim twice with Covermore once when I broke my phone and another when I had to visit an out of hours doctor and pay for antibiotics in the Czech Republic. Since I had a $0 excess policy (Covermore also offer $100 and $250 excesses) both of these incidents cost me nothing and I got my new phone price covered and a full refund on all my medical bills when I returned home. The money was returned to me promptly and with no hassle in both instances.

I like using Covermore since they offer a free of charge international Global SIM card with your policy which you can preload with credit. Since my phone was unlocked I was able to use this in every country I went to in Europe and it would always automatically join the local mobile provider. Too easy!

Another benefit is their 24/7 medical assistance line. I used this when I was ill in Prague since it was late at night and finding an English speaking medical provider was proving to be a task! They have nurses that answer the calls and while they can’t diagnose anything over the phone, it’s nice to have this resource to point you in the right direction of medical care wherever you may be in the world.

Which ever company you choose to go through for travel insurance, ESPECIALLY if it’s through a credit card included policy, always check the fine details to know exactly what you’re covered for. Also be aware of the excess amount since you will probably be paying it each time you make a claim. Every company has a variety of policies available to suit most budgets but the ultimate cost will always depend on the length of your trip and which countries you are visiting. However, if you can afford to travel, you really should be able to afford the travel insurance to go along with it.

Also, if you travel out of the country a few times of the year consider looking into a multi-trip policy for the year which could save you some money too!


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