Bean Shuttle – Review

For some reason from the moment I started planning my European adventures I knew I wanted to visit Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic, having seen it on a travel show many years ago. Something about it just grabbed me.

What I didn’t realise was that its charming and small town nature meant it wasn’t the easiest place to reach by public transport, and after over half a year of non stop traveling by this point in my trip I was getting a little tired. The thought of taking three buses in one day or a combination of trains and buses and figuring out my way through the Czech Republic with language barriers wasn’t too appealing. So when I came across Bean Shuttles I was OVERJOYED.

I was in Salzburg and this company happened to run shared transfers for very reasonable prices, I immediately booked. The car left from the main train station in Salzburg on time, the driver was friendly and professional and the entire experience was great. I would definitely recommend them, especially due to the amount of time and energy they saved me.

There was only one other woman in the small 5 seater vehicle with me, who was from Delhi, India and we had a great chat the whole way there until the driver dropped me off right to my hostel door, too easy! They can even pick you up from your departure location too, for an extra fee. The company has small buses also, which I saw driving around Český Krumlov after I arrived.

A transfer from Salzburg to Český Krumlov cost 800 CZK (29 EUR or 42 AUD) and took around 3 hours by car. The surroundings outside the window were beautiful and tranquil, an enjoyable ride. 

In addition to these two destinations, Bean Shuttle’s route currently has services to Vienna, Hallstatt Linz and Prague also. The airports in Vienna and Prague are included too.

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