LOT Polish Airlines – Review

My friends and I used this airline during a ridiculously long journey from Croatia to Poland, which involved three separate flights, with the first being Krakow to Warsaw with LOT Polish airlines.

After missing our bus to the airport, we had no choice but to go by taxi instead and were dropped off at the wrong terminal by the driver. It was only about 3-5 minutes to the right one though, so nothing major.

The Krakow airport was pretty basic, but it did appear as if they will be expanding it. As our flight was quite early in the morning we arrived before anything (I spotted one café in the terminal) was open but there were some seats available so we patiently waited until the security screening area opened too.

As Warsaw to Krakow isn’t very far a distance, the aircraft was one of the smaller kind (not sure which make, I am vowing to pay closer attention in future!) with four seats per row, two on each side separate by a tiny aisle. Being quite afraid of flying and turbulance especially, which I always feel more on lighter aircraft, I spent this flight blasting my music through my headphones and attempting happy thoughts until we landed, which thankfully was only around an hour later!

Due to the time of day most people appeared to be commuting to Warsaw for the day on business, which meant we were the only ones on board who checked any luggage, which is included in the ticket price since they are a full service airline. Once we landed in Warsaw we had about 2 hours before our next plane departed, we knew it was a bit risky but it was the only option we had to get to Split, Croatia. So we were on a tight schedule and unfortunately, the airline lost my friend’s bag.

Cue a 20 minute frantic run around with the LOT information desk but luckily within this time they had located it and we were on our way to check in for our next flight..WHEN we discovered a security guard blocking the entrances to the departure area. We had no choice but to wait for about an hour with the crowd until what we gathered may have been a suspected bomb threat, until the all clear was given.

Overall, it was an interesting journey but the service we received from LOT Polish airlines was pretty good. Even though they misplaced a bag, to their credit it was resolved quickly.

LOT Polish airlines is a full service airline and member of the Star Alliance. All the staff we encountered were very polite and we even got light snacks on board such a short flight. They offer many destinations throughout Europe and beyond, including the USA and China.


Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 1.54.30 PM
Image credit: worldairlinenews.com


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