Transavia – Review

A Dutch low cost airline, my experience with Transavia was stress free and simple.

The service ran on time and was a smooth journey. The pilot had to be the most detailed man ever when it came to announcements regarding our flight information, which I quite enjoyed, and the staff on board and upon check in were friendly. If you want baggage included this can be purchased online for an extra fee when booking online and is separate from the cost of your fare. Luggage dimensions should be confirmed at this point with the airlines regulations.

Like all budget carriers, food was available on board. I was flying with them from Valencia to Amsterdam and with a relatively short flight time didn’t actually try anything on the menu myself. The seats were pretty comfortable too and the leg room was adequate.

My memory of this flight will always be particularly great since I was fortunate enough to be sat next to two of the most lovely strangers who I now call my friends. We struck up a conversation based around our matching La Tomatina bracelets (we wouldn’t have been alone on this, a good third of the plane was probably backpackers leaving the festival) but as we were all Australian and found the three of us had the same taste in TV, books and more, my normal fearful flying self was put at ease for a few hours and I was so thankful for this. We even ended up hanging out in Amsterdam and then again in the UK!

Transavia has a huge range of destinations within Europe and other destinations, even as far as Dubai. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and from my experience thought they ran an efficient and well organised operation.

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