TAP Portugal – Review

What greeted my senses as I arrived at the check in counter at Fiumicino airport in Rome was an array of colourfully dressed seniors, noise from every direction and the most amount of luggage I’ve ever witnessed in one place.  

I had booked a service from Rome to Lisbon through Alitalia, however the flight was operated by TAP Portugal. The source of all of the action was coming from a group of Brazilian retirees on a tour, who had booked out the large part of economy class and apparently brought their entire homes with them.

The flight wasn’t too long at around 3 hours in duration. The group strongly seemed to dislike sitting in their actual seats and were moving around the aircraft, chatting the whole time. It kind of felt like a party! It made for an interesting flight anyways.

The TAP crew were professional and the seats in economy were comfortable although the leg room wasn’t amazing. There weren’t seat back TV’s, however there were a few drop down screens tracking our flight movements. A light meal was served but I honestly can’t remember what it was which is rare for me, so it must’ve just been OK since I don’t recall anything horrible either!

Overall, my experience with TAP was a pleasant one and ran smoothly. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. They are a member of the Star Alliance, and as a full service airline your baggage is included in the ticket price. Weight and dimension restrictions should be checked when booking online.

TAP Portugal offer an extensive amount of services in Europe, in addition to South & North America, Africa and Asia.


Screen shot 2014-12-07 at 12.17.06 PM
Image credit: airbus.com


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