Pegasus – Review

Pegasus Airlines is a Turkish budget airline and I took their service from Istanbul to Athens.

Funnily enough, a friend I had just made on the two week tour I was in Turkey for, also booked on the same flight, which was three days after the trip ended so it was definitely fortunate luck!

There are two international airports in Istanbul, the main one is Atatürk and the other is Sabiha Gökçen. Pegasus flies out of both however, mine was leaving from Sabiha Gökçen which if you’re staying in certain parts of Istanbul, isn’t very close by. It depends on traffic but I opted to go a shared transfer shuttle and it took around an hour, plus the time to pick up the others, so keep this in mind.

Other options of transport include taxi of course, otherwise there is a shuttle service to/from Taksim Square, on the Asian side of Istanbul. If your accommodation is on the European side and located in Sultanahmet there are trams that will get you to/from Taksim Square.

The check-in staff at the airport were quite lovely and there is also the option to check yourself in with a few machines on offer. On board you can purchase refreshments if you wish. My flight to Athens was just over an hour so it really wasn’t necessary for me to do so. There wasn’t many other people on this service either meaning passengers could stretch out if they wanted. The seats were what you’d expect of a budget airline, not overly comfortable but all right with OK leg room too and outdated leather coverings. The plane itself wasn’t very modern internally, or exceptionally clean, however for the price it was more than adequate.

For the outstandingly low cost of my flight at 35 EUR (50 AUD) which included 20kg luggage too, I think you would be hard pressed to find better value for money than Pegasus. Their own website reflects their on time performance, which on average varies greatly each month, but you are getting what you pay for and in my experience, the flight ran to schedule. If you’re on a budget I think it’s a great option and I’d use them again in the future for short haul.

Pegasus has services domestically in Turkey, in addition to many popular European cities such as Rome, Paris, London and many more.

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