OrangeWays – Review

If it’s budget bus travel that you want, this is the very DEFINITION of what you will be getting.

As my friend and I boarded our OrangeWays service at Ljubljana bus station for our journey to Budapest, it was a little saddening to see a brand new Eurolines (which unfortunately had no services running to Budapest the day we needed to leave) counterpart bound to another destination parked in the next bay over, looking shiny and mocking us with an ad for FREE WIFI painted on the side.

The thought of free wifi being available on the seriously old bus that we were about to get on to was simply laughable. There was no identification whatsoever that it belong to Orangeways (even though when you google image Orangeways they apparently do have SOME of their own buses that are maybe used somewhere in Europe) and there was no toilet on board, something every long distance coach I’ve been on has had. The route Ljubliana to Budapest, via Zagreb was around 6 hours in total so it’s definitely not a short trip! Zagreb was the only stop the bus made as it was a pickup point essentially, but there were facilities available to use at the station here.

We had two drivers who seemed like fairly nice guys and didn’t speak a word of English, which I never expect so it doesn’t phase me. What did bother me though was that one of them felt it was perfectly fine to talk on his mobile phone for a good while, swerving into the adjacent lane while doing so. I know from experience Europeans seem to be far more cavalier when it comes to mobile phones and driving but as a professional bus driver especially this was of course was very poor judgement.

The drivers also took turns a few times over the 6 hours rather than just driving 3 hours each, which was a little odd but Europe does have kinda strange/strict laws when it comes to coach drivers, so perhaps it was to do with this.

Lastly, I’ll mention the online booking system which was SO difficult. It would only let you progress if names, dates and details were in an exact order taking me a long time to fiddle around with before I was able to buy the tickets. Even though I had selected English on the site a lot of the wording was still in Hungarian too meaning I basically just guessed what I was filling in sometimes.

A quick search online will come up with a multitude of reviews reiterating customers troubles with the Orangeways too. Overall, I would only use them if it was literally the only option between two cities or meant saving a CONSIDERABLE amount of money or time.

We paid 5990 HUF (19 EUR or 28 AUD) for our trip from Ljubliana to Budapest which is not outrageous but for that price in this area of Europe you would expect much more, especially when the likes of Student Agency or Slovaklines deliver a great deal more for often far less money.

Orangeways have services from Budapest to Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Krakow and more, including a few destinations in Romania especially.


4 thoughts on “OrangeWays – Review

  1. May I share with you my experience? ..I paid a return ticket online and was travelling from Budapest to Prague at 23h30. First, the meeting point in the middle of no where with no services around..Apparently, the bus was cancelled (technical problem which seems to be recurrent after reading all comments here, and postponed the next day at 7am. I never received a notification about the change! I ended up waiting with 11 other people who apparently didn’t get the message either. We waited for an hour. It’s past midnight. None of us had no a place to stay and we finally slept outside the big bus terminal few blocks away. I’m 56 years old and noneless to say, it was a pain in the ass. I finally hop on your bus at 7, with drivers that have ABSOLUTELY no manners, grumpy and rude, with our luggages pilled on top of each others in an aweful way, and a toilet that didn’t work. But I made my way to Prague.
    Then! My returned trip to Budapest, yesterday, was cancelled and not even postponed! I had to return to Budapest to catch my flight back to Canada!! Their incompetency meant spending more money when I was now broke and ready to return home….Next bus, from another cie, was full…or I have to wait the next day. Finally, I had to take the train which costed me 5 times more and waited again for hours before I could step in.
    I’m totally disapointed with the incompetency they handled the bus rides offered to tourists. I got their name from a reputable guide travel book but they don’t deserve to be mentionned in any of these travel agencies. They are very unreliable. After more research, there are more complains about their services…that this situation happenned quite frequently. I don’t know how they are still in business.
    Anyway, I hope getting reimboused for my payment with their agency but I have the feelings that I won’t hear from them…unless, I make a claim with my credit card?!?!

    • Oh no that sounds like an absolutely horrible situation!! I’m sorry that happened to you. Thank you for sharing.

      I did a write up on Orangeways as I aim to share all of my experiences where possible – good and bad. In my personal experience they were fine (not fabulous by any means, but at least on time).

      As you’ve mentioned I have also seen many incidents reported online of people being left stranded by the company however, I’ve also known people who’ve taken their services with no problems. I suppose it’s a bit of a luck of the draw situation with Orangeways.

      I hope perhaps you were able to claim some compensation with your travel insurance and wishing you better luck for the next travel adventure!

      • after unsuccessful correspondence with them and since I paid my ticket online with Paypal, I decided to report them and make a request for reimbursement through their services. They (Orangeway) never return to to me (after sending few messages explaining why I was requesting my money back) and I had to choice to escalate the claim by Paypal. They didn’t get any answer either which make me win the case and was finally fully reimbursed by Paypal. They will take action themselves with this business. As you can see, they don’t care to follow up with adequate customer service either. So, I’m really done with that bus cie and warning everyone I know about them.

  2. Fraudulent company and piece of crap – We booked the OrangeWays bus service on 20th July from Budapest to Zagreb scheduled to depart on 21st. The next day, the bus was supposed to depart from the Budapest Groupama Arena at 6 AM, we waited there from 5:20 AM to until 9:30 AM with my wife and kid in the sun, but that bus never turned up. And there was few passengers waiting for the Prague bus and that bus from didn’t turn up either. So they went back after 2 hours wait. office is at the arena bus stop but no one came to work until 9:30 AM, not sure if they came after 9:30. They had dozen contact numbers listed in their bus stop , approximately 50% of the listed phone numbers are not in use, 2 of the ex-employees spoke, one guy disconnected it and the other guy told us the company is fraudulent company. No one answers rest of the phone numbers. It just rings forever. According to Facebook their call centre opens at 8 AM, but no one responded, when we tried from 7 am to 9:30 AM. Their local office is supposed to open at 9 am in the morning, but from 9 am to 9:30 am no one turned up. Local passers-by who saw us waiting for hours told us that’s a rubbish company. So we searched for them in the internet, internet is full of complaints about what a rubbish service and fraudulent company this was.

    Because it was too late to book alternative (Fixbus) service, which was already full. Train journey requires 7 hours and there are no direct flights and most flights are either very expensive or extremely long duration. So we end up paying 450 EUR for the hotel car to drop us at Zagreb.

    I can understand if one of the bus got cancelled due to whatever issues they had, but this company doesn’t work, it appears most of their buses gets cancelled and few routes or few buses are operational. I believe their strategy is to cheat customers who can’t be bothered to ask for a refund and to go via the process of getting a refund.

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