Megabus – Review

Megabus is renowned for their cheap bus tickets throughout the UK but not everyone also realises that they have routes to major European cities too. I’ve known a few people who had used them and had all said good things so when I needed to get from Amsterdam to Gent in Belgium and saw Megabus was an option, I immediately booked.

The bus station they use in Amsterdam wasn’t near the centre of town and involved catching a tram to get there from the main train station, but it was fairly easily to find. The bus itself was clean, had decent overhead luggage space and all right leg room. There was power points available too, but the only complaint was the non functioning wifi. It didn’t really bother me as I was only on board for around 3 hours but as my bus was ultimately bound for London the people who were in for this long journey surely wouldn’t have been too pleased!

To be quite honest I was pretty disorganised and didn’t really bother looking into where they stopped in Gent, turns out it was someplace out of town. I have a feeling the train station may have been close by but honestly it was one of those days where I couldn’t be bothered so I went into the hotel across the street from where we got dropped off and did something I rarely bother with – which was order a taxi! By car it was only about 5-10 minutes into the centre of town there after.

My ticket cost 12.5 GBP (23 AUD or 16 EUR) and I felt was fairly good value. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Megabus again in the future, especially since they have such great specials too! They currently run services throughout the UK but also to France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and even Spain. There is also a US & Canada division so perhaps I’ll even give them a go in North America!

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