Eurostar – Review

I hate flying, well its not a dislike more than a genuine fear. So naturally, I rejoice when given alternative means of quick and easy ways of traveling which is why I was so excited to take the Eurostar from Paris to London, since it only takes around 2 hrs 15 minutes.

Booking far in advance is the best way to secure a cheaper fare since a last minute ticket will set you back significantly more in price. If you have a Eurail pass you can also use it with Eurostar, which is handy as you just pay the reservation fee.

On the ticket it says check in closes 30 minutes prior to departure time but I personally wouldn’t leave it that late. Of course it depends on elements such as the departure time of the day or if its holiday season, but I’d recommend being there beforehand at least around the 45 minute mark since it was very busy at the Gare du Nord station when I was going through customs. In Paris there was a few cafés available once you entered the departure area but seats filled up quickly in the free to use lounge areas.

My first thought on board was that the train seemed a little worn in regards to its appearance, the dark grey interior just didn’t really seem too nice to look at and as the seats in standard class were VERY close together with not much leg room, it felt quite tight on space. I was unlucky and scored a seat facing the opposite direction all the way to London and since the Eurostar travels at high speed and under the English Channel it meant I felt pretty queasy most of the trip.

There’s food and beverages available for purchase on board if you are in standard class. A standard premier class and business class option are also available, both including food and other benefits which can be found on their website. Wifi didn’t appear to be available anywhere on the train nor was there power points for each row or seat.

Both Gare du Nord and St Pancreas are lovely stations to arrive and depart and the service ran right to schedule. The other major service Eurostar runs is Brussels to London, both directions, and they have a few other destinations within France. I would use this service again but there was nothing particularly to boast about the experience and a little facelift to the inside of the trains wouldn’t go astray!

A one way adult fare between London and Paris begins at 34.50 GBP (64 AUD or 43 EUR) and a return starts from 69 GBP (129 AUD or 87 EUR). Prices depend on choice of travel class and can also change, please consult their website for the most up to date information.

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