Easyjet – Review

Easyjet is hands down my favourite budget airline so far that I’ve experienced in Europe. I flew with them twice – Athens to Berlin and London to Vienna.

Both times I received lovely service from the check in staff and flight attendants. At Gatwick Airport I was one of the last to board the plane meaning that if the cabin is full, passengers are required to put their hand luggage in the hold unless it meets a certain size which Easyjet’s website tells you when booking. However, a couple in front of me spent a good 15 MINUTES arguing with the staff on this, who to their credit, dealt with the situation really well and more calmly than I probably would have!

Being a budget airline of course nothing is included on board, however there’s a decent variety of food and drink to purchase. The aircraft was clean both times I flew and we departed and arrived on schedule also.

When booking your tickets you can choose the amount of check in luggage (if any) that you require starting from 15kg and this is where you should confirm the sizing of your hand luggage too with their regulations.

I found booking online through their engine was very easy and when flying to Vienna I needed to purchase a few extra kilos for my luggage which was simply done by logging on to their website and arranging it beforehand to avoid heftier airport fees.

Lastly, the Easyjet app is simple to download and use meaning you need only have your phone on you to check in and no printed boarding passes (take note Ryanair..)

Overall, I strongly recommend Easyjet to anyone. It’s fantastic value, from my experience reliable and everything you need in a budget airline, with frequent airfares at competitive prices too. They have an extensive amount of routes available which cover the greater part of Europe.


Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 9.07.14 PM
Image credit: easyjet.com


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