Student Agency – Review

This was by far the best bus company I used when I was in Europe.

It was amazing value for money, had fantastic service and even better facilities on board. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I used Student Agency to get from Český Krumlov to Prague, which took around 3 hours.

Let me set the scene that was about to unfold as I took my window seat, which comes with a personal TV by the way for everyone on board INCLUDING a huge selection of both Czech and English movies and music.

It is important to note at this point, I paid 11 AUD (7 EUR or 206 CZK) for my ticket.

So I was happily browsing the entertainment, when the hostess on board (yep, besides the driver there was a dedicated attendant too) leant over and asked if I would like a complimentary hot drink either tea, coffee or hot chocolate… Surely I was dreaming since such a great idea could not truly exist! Australia could take a few pointers in customer service from the Czechs on this one.

The service ran to schedule and the bus was clean. There was awesome wifi and a power point to share between two people. Literally the only thing I found wrong with this journey was that the on board toilet didn’t seem to be flushing properly, which would’ve been pretty gross by the end of the trip but for three hours it wasn’t really too much of an issue.

When I booked their website was fairly basic and has since thankfully been upgraded. You had to book a ticket by emailing them first and then receiving a link once they confirmed to process the payment. It appears now that you can simply just book online.

Student Agency has an extensive route within the Czech Republic but also to a lot of other European countries including Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France and many more.

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