PolskiBus – Review

This was my first experience traveling with a European coach line and I have to say PolskiBus set the bar VERY high.

My friends and I took the route of Warsaw to Krakow and it was an extremely comfortable 5 hour ride with lovely green countryside passing us by along the way.

There was one rest stop for around 20 minutes made about half way with a few facilities available, including a McDonald’s. Kindly, an English announcement followed the Polish notification of when we would be back on the bus otherwise there could’ve been some confusion!

The seats were pretty decent in comfort, as was the leg room. Remember, as with all bus companies, you’ll need to check the luggage limitations with PolskiBus before booking.

Free wifi was available and it worked extremely well, there was power plugs to charge your devices and a decent amount of overhead space for hand luggage.

Oh and the best part on this whole experience? It only cost 9 AUD each (6 EUR or 25 PLN) but please remember prices can always change depending on the season and availability.

PolskiBus has an extensive route within Poland but also connections to other European cities such as Berlin and Prague.


Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.42.10 AM
Image credit: polskibus.com


2 thoughts on “PolskiBus – Review

  1. Whatever you do, do not take polskibus. Its stinky, the toilet is dirty and on top of that, there are people consuming a lot of alcohol on board. I took the trip from Krakow to Prague and I can explain everything using two words…”apocalypse now”. One guy was drinking so heavily that he started pestering all the passengers. Things escalated and reached a nadir in Prague when a fist-fight between him and the two drivers erupted. It all ended when the police intervened. Horrible experience.

    • What a crazy time! I had probably the exact opposite experience as everything was super smooth, but of course everyone’s journeys are always different. My bus was unbelievably clean and well cared for plus the wifi worked fine, despite the cheap price I paid and all other passengers were behaved! Hope your time in Prague was much better than the trip there 🙂

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