Where: Equity Point Centric

Verdict: This is a pretty large hostel and consequently I felt it was a little lacking in warmth and friendless but that may have been because there seemed to be a lot of groups staying when I was there.

When you check in you’re given a paper ID card which the reception staff wanted to see EVERY time you walk into the building, I even saw the lady reprimand a bunch of guys who slipped past her while she was busy answering another person’s question. It was annoying and seemed unnecessary having to always fish it out of your pocket or bag when your room was locked by electronic key anyway. Otherwise, the staff themselves were friendly and happy to help give out directions or suggestions.

The building itself is pretty nice and had a lot of character when you see it from the outside, upon entering you find a huge winding staircase all the way up the centre of it which is impressive.

I stayed in two different rooms, a 4 bed female dorm and an 8 bed mixed. Both rooms had private lockers and enough power points but no personal lights though. The 4 bed dorm was pretty small in size and we were all kind of on top of each other, there was a clean private bathroom attached to the room although the shower was quite small. In the 8 bed dorm we had a fairly average bathroom which stunk of industrial bleach and was designed for disabled access since it was basically a shower room with a toilet too. I chose instead to use the ones on the floor above me, each level has separate male and female ones. The shared ones were clean but there was only a couple showers.

There’s a common room area on the top level where the wifi worked the best and I enjoyed hanging out in. You’ll also find the roof top bar and laundry here, I used the laundry and everything worked great and the bar had affordable drinks too with sangria on tap.

Breakfast was included and is reasonable for the price you’re paying, essentially cereals, toast and fruit with coffee/juice on offer. There’s a decent kitchen too if you prefer to DIY.

Wifi was reliable basically everywhere in the hostel except the level my room was on! There’s also a large luggage room available if your flight/bus/train is long after check out time.

Location: It’s pretty convenient, there’s a metro station across the street and it only takes about 10 -15 minutes to walk to the centre of Barcelona/La Rambla. From the rooftop bar you can even see Gaudi’s famous Casa Batlló (the building with phantom of the opera style masks for balconies) since it’s practically next door. The Passeig de Gracia or the street in which the hostel is located on has a huge selection of dining and shopping options on offer.

Price: There are 4, 6, 8 & 12 bed dorms on offer starting from 20 AUD (13 EUR) including breakfast based on low season, please remember price can vary depending on the day of the week or season. Female only dorms and private rooms are also available.

The details:
Passeig de Gracia 33, 08007 Barcelona
Tel +34


Where: El Granado

Verdict: This was the cleanest hostel I’ve EVER stayed in. It’s like they’ve cast a magical spell and banished all stray hairs and dust from it forever.

I chose a 4 bed female dorm and the bed was so comfortable it was hard to leave it in the mornings. There was a generous sized personal locker for each of us, enough power points to go round, personal lights and air conditioning. The bathrooms were shared with other rooms and so clean!!

I paid extra for breakfast which was OK, not a lot of variety but you have your standard coffee/juice as well as toast and cereals available.

There didn’t seem to be many people around when I was there and although there were a few couches downstairs, a common room area didn’t really appear to be happening. Since there’s a few private rooms available too the place had a bit more of a hotel feel about it so if you’re looking for a party atmosphere this isn’t really for you but if you want a chilled out hostel it’s great.

Upon check in the staff were very friendly and gave out some hints and advice right away which was great of them. The wifi was reliable and free too.

Location: Around 10 minutes walk to the heart of Granada where you’ll find the Cathedral and Plaza Nueva. There’s a few food options nearby the hostel but much more available in this area of town.

I arrived and departed Granada by train and it was only 15 minutes walk from the hostel. You can catch a taxi for around 6 EUR though. From the bus station you’ll need to take another bus to town, same goes if you’re arriving by plane.

Price: There’s 3 & 6 bed mixed dorms available from 13 EUR (19 AUD) per night based on low season, a 4 bed female dorm in addition to private rooms and apartments available. Please remember price can vary depending on seasons and days of the week. Breakfast is available for 2.5 EUR per person per day.

The details:
Calle Conde de Tendillas 7, 18002 Granada
Ph: +34 958 960 259


Where: U Hostel

Verdict: This is a fantastically modern and well designed hostel in Madrid. The colours and lay out make it feel exciting and hotel like. There was even a strip of fake grass in the hallway outside my room with a swing attached to the ceiling, pretty cool!

Our room was a 6 bed female dorm and very clean. Everyone had a personal locker, light and power point. The bathrooms on our level were shared for the entire floor but there was a few showers, mirrors and toilets so I never had to wait and it was all well looked after too.

There’s a mini cinema room if you want to chill out one evening and watch a film, a small bar and a nice kitchen if you want to cook yourself otherwise there was a good amount of dining options nearby including a place on the next corner that had awesome burritos! Wifi was free and available everywhere. Everything here seemed to work well and just felt so new, it’s great value for money!

Location: Not right in the centre but pretty close, it’ll take you around 15 minutes on foot to reach the Plaza del Sol area of town otherwise there’s metro and bus stops right next to the hostel.

Price: A 12 bed mixed dorm starts at about 12 EUR (17 AUD) per night based on low season. There are also 4, 6 & 8 bed female only or mixed dorms available in addition to private rooms. Please remember prices can vary depending on the season and day of week. Breakfast can be purchased for an additional 3 EUR per person per day. It’s cheap but really wasn’t great so I’d give it a miss (the worst churros of my life were from the breakfast here).

The details:
Sagasta 22,  28004 Madrid
Tel.: +91 445 03 00

San Sebastian

Where: Hostel San Fermin

Verdict: The hostel itself is fairly basic in facilities but it is clean and extrememly good value given it’s fantastic location in the old town.

I was in a 4 bed dorm with a private bathroom, which was well kept and spacious. The room itself through was VERY small, it was lucky we all had backpacks otherwise I don’t know if we would’ve fit too easily. Our friends were staying in a 6 bed dorm and it was even more of a tight squeeze in there. The beds were comfortable though and we had personal power points.

There was one lady on reception who was quite friendly otherwise we didn’t really see too many others around. On the top floor is a small kitchen area and I enjoyed the view you got from here of the old street the hostel is situated on, it was lovely.

Breakfast was included for us since we were part of a tour however I’m not sure this is always the case so it’s worth checking before booking. It was served at a café a couple streets over and although not a lot of variety was quite nice and had decent coffee. Wifi was available but quite temperamental.

Location: Amazing! Can’t really get any better, it is right in the old town and a 5 minute walk to the beach. Abundant amount of food available nearby (including many delicious pintxos options) and lovely small shops. If you’re after the Zara, H&M type of stores this newer area of town will take around 10-15 minutes on foot. However, because the hostel is among the hustle and bustle, with a bar right across the street, if your room is facing this direction it can be VERY loud until the early hours.

Price: A 6 bed mixed dorm starts at around 30 AUD (EUR) based on low season. There are also 4 bed mixed dorms available, please remember price is dependent on the day of the week and season. Breakfast is not included in the rate.

The details:
Calle San Fermin Calbeton 23, San Sebastian
Guipuzcoa 2003, España
Ph: 943 425 491


Where: The Garden Hostel

Verdict: Don’t be put off by their website, which looks like it was created around the same time the internet was. This was a lovely hostel and I really enjoyed my stay here. There was a small bar in the (surprise!) garden area outside. A paella dinner was on offer one day for 5 EUR and with the free sangria they offer most nights, it made for a great evening and a very social atmosphere.

I stayed in a 6 bed female dorm while I was here and my first morning there woke up a grump since ALL the other 5 girls left between 5-9am. However, NO one else checked in that day meaning I had won the backpacker lottery in getting an ENTIRE room to myself for the price of one bed only. Happy days. There was a locker for everyone but shared power points.

The shared bathroom located on my floor had only a couple showers and one toilet which means during peak times you’d probably have to wait a while. However, there was also one private bathroom with its own shower and toilet on my level which I would sneak out and hunt down (I won’t lie, I’d probably fight someone for it too) to secure a shower in solitary peace.

The staff were all super friendly and I even left my bag here in storage for a few days since I went to Granada and came back. The wifi was pretty good and its very secure since you need to be buzzed into the buildings every time you enter. There’s a decent kitchen available if you prefer to cook yourself too.

I was in desperate need of laundry here and you can pay to use their washing machine and afterwards take advantage of the Spanish heat if you’re there in summer by hanging all your clothes on the rooftop which had a common area of sorts with lots and lots and lots of drying racks.

Overall I thought the Garden was pretty decent value for money and especially great when it comes to a social, welcoming atmosphere.

Location: Not super central but it will only take about 10-15 minutes to walk to most tourist sites and the Metropol Parasol (Mushroom Square) is about 5 minutes walk away.

I arrived/departed Seville by train and the station is roughly 10 minutes by foot from the hostel. If you’re arriving via a different method of transport and connecting by bus there’s a stop at the end of the street too. There’s some dining options available nearby the hostel but I chose to go into town for most for more variety.

Price: A 8, 10 or 12 bed mixed dorm starts at around 24 AUD (16 EUR) per night in low season. There is also a 6 bed mixed dorm and 4 & 6 bed female dorm available. Please remember prices can vary depending on day of the week or season. Breakfast is not included but you can purchase a voucher for around 2 EUR from the front desk which can be used at a café down the street. It entitles you to a tostada and coffee or juice, not too bad value wise if you want something quick and easy.

The details:
Santiago 19
41003, Sevilla, España
Ph: (+34) 954 223 866


Where: Center Valencia Youth Hostel

Verdict: I stayed here while La Tomatina was on and therefore this place was FULL. You should have seen the luggage room over this period it was like tetris but with backpacks. Right after everyone returned from the festival and of course wanted a shower since we were all covered in tomatoes, the entire place even ran out of water. That of course wasn’t their fault and only really effected those who were IN the showers as they ran out the worst, like my poor roommate!

The staff was friendly despite the volume of people and there’s a rooftop bar that I never actually made it up to unfortunately! From what I heard on the walking tour I did this place runs a pretty crazy pub crawl too if that’s your scene so when it’s not festival time I’d imagine Center Valencia is great for social events.

I was in a couple different rooms here, both 6 bed female dorms. There were individual lockers and power points. The beds were fairly comfortable although they were the kind of bunk beds that are thin metal and flimsy so if you’ve got the top, it’s a shaky experience. Both rooms I was in had private bathrooms which were clean, but one of them contained the WORST shower I’ve ever experienced.

The floor was sunken and the drain blocked, which resulted in basically taking a bath instead of a shower. Luckily, there were raised sides to the shower so I basically balanced my feet on either side of it thus avoiding the floor altogether. Not fun. Plus the bathroom itself was pretty small. There was shared bathrooms available on the floor too though. The one time I used the shared one instead since I was fed up with mine, it had one temperature – SCOLDING hot. Ah, hostel life.

The common room area downstairs isn’t too large and the breakfast was very very basic. Wifi worked well the entire time which was great. Overall, aside from the great location of this place in town, I was not a fan of this hostel and feel there could easily be much better value to be found in Valencia. However, at the end of the day you can nab a bed for pretty cheap here so if aspects like proper working showers don’t bother you too much this place could still work for you!

Location: Very central in old town, essentially just next to the Plaza de la Virgen, with heaps of dining and shopping available close by. If you are arriving by train or plane you will need to take a bus or metro to the hostel as it’s not too close. The hostel can organise a taxi to the airport for a fixed rate of around 18 EUR.

Price: A 12 bed mixed dorm starts at around 16 AUD (10 EUR) per night based on low season. There are also 4, 6 & 8 bed mixed dorms, female dorms and private rooms available. Breakfast included.

The details:
Samaniego, 18
46003 Valencia, España
Ph: +34 963 914 915



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