Where: The Holiday Inn Cardiff

Verdict: It’s everything you can expect from a Holiday Inn. The rooms themselves and the bathrooms were modern and clean, no complaints in regards to any of this. Our room even looked out on Millennium Stadium. The problem was the way the place was run, from our experience it was not done well.

As our tour group arrived too early for check in we all left our luggage in a locked conference room. We all trickled back separately through out the afternoon to collect our things, however when my friends arrived last they found their bags were missing. The staff couldn’t locate them, it was hours later they found them, they had been moved to a different room with no explanation. These same friends then got what they thought was their room key. Upon entering they saw bags already in the room, clearly it wasn’t theirs. It was mine! My room mate and I were both out so luckily it was people we knew who had been involved in the mix up, otherwise who knows what could’ve potentially been taken.

Adding to the fun, that night was our last on tour so naturally we all went out to have some drinks and celebrate. After returning to the room at roughly 2am, needing to be up at 6:30am the fire alarm goes off at around 3am. FOR AGES. It had already gone off in the afternoon so we knew the chance of it being a real fire was slim. You should’ve seen our group of 25 (all under 30 years old) that morning at breakfast…unimpressed wouldn’t really cover it!

Lucky for the Holiday Inn their breakfast was amazing though, great selection of hot food and everything you’d want from continental. There was even a pancake machine! Besides the hiccups the hotel itself was of a good standard, the location was perfect and because of this there was so much going on nearby which was convenient.

Location: You really can’t do much better than this, it’s located right next to Millennium Stadium and across the street from Cardiff Castle. The main shopping area is a 5 minute walk maximum therefore there’s a heap of restaurants, cafés and night life to choose from nearby.

Price: A standard room will be around 75 GBP (138 AUD or 94 EUR) per night, not including breakfast which can be purchased at an additional 10 GBP per person. Please keep in mind that the price can change depending on the day of the week and seasons.

The details:
Castle St, Cardiff
CF10 1XD, United Kingdom
Ph: +44 871 942 9240


WhereThe Hand Hotel

Verdict: This B&B was pretty charming due to the age of the building, however because of this there is no lift of course. If you have a suitcase with a room on an upper level be warned there are quite a few sets of stairs!

The twin room we were in looked out to a small graveyard, some may say creepy but it was definitely interesting. The bathroom wasn’t very big and despite turning the light on it was so dark until we discovered a small switch on the mirror above the sink which had more effect than the overhead. It was clean though as was the entire room and the beds were very comfortable.

There wasn’t too much variety on offer in regards to breakfast, however it was mostly hot English style so it was good quality. Wifi was available for free but only in the lobby.

Behind the property there is a stream and the bar has a few seats outside across the road where you can sit and enjoy the tranquility of Llangollen. It’s very peaceful and beautiful here!

Location: This town is VERY small so basically anywhere is central! It’ll take you literally 1 minute to walk to the main street where there’s a selection of dining options available and maybe 2-3 minutes to reach the river, which is pretty scenic.

Price: A standard room starts at around 50 GBP (92 AUD or 63 EUR) per night including breakfast. Please remember that depending on seasons and day of the week the price can vary.

The details:
Bridge St, Llangollen
Clwyd LL20 8PL, United Kingdom
Ph: +44 1978 860303



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