Where: Stay Central

Verdict: THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Like it doesn’t even need a review. If someone asks me where to stay in Edinburgh I will immediately reply Stay Central and they can trust me completely cause it’s just. freaking. awesome.

I was staying here as part of a tour and sharing the room with one of my best friends. I’m not sure if they were short on room options or what but somehow the two of us ended up with a six person dorm room. Needless to say we were overjoyed at how lucky we got since it was so spacious.

The standard tea/coffee was available in the room however they went one step further in also providing free chocolate covered marshmallows too. As our room was designed for six people I may or may not have eaten the absentee share provided.

The door of the bathroom was a little transparent, not a problem if you’re with people you know but could potentially be a bit awkward in a dorm. The bathroom itself was perfect, there was a heated drying rack for your clothes and a rainfall style shower. When I stepped out of the shower I went to automatically wipe the mirror but alas, it was already free of steam since there must be some magical heating pad behind it. Is there nothing not to love about this place seriously?

A super cool feature is that you can plug your iPhone/iPod into the wall dock and stream your music into either the room itself or the bathroom, or both! Also they have GHD’s available for rent so that ladies may enjoy straight hair without the hassle of carrying a straightener with you. This place has thought of everything.

The beds themselves were very comfortable too and the TV in the room is a generous size if you’re having a lazy night in! There’s also a decent bar downstairs so if you fancy a nightcap it’s no effort at all to find a good drink. They offer room service too and the menu’s variety looked pretty good.

Location: It’s not got central in the name for nothing. A 2 minute walk up a street across the road from the hotel and you’ll hit the famous Royal Mile. As it’s right in town you’re also spoilt for restaurant and pub choices .

Price: Double rooms start at around 54 GBP (99 AUD) per night. Breakfast can be purchased for 6 GBP each day and includes a hearty selection of cooked English fry up styled food. Please remember this is just a guide and prices can change depending on time of year and day of the week.

The details:
139 Cowgate, Edinburgh
Midlothian EH1 1JS, United Kingdom
Ph: +44 131 622 6801


Where: The Sandyford Hotel

Verdict: This place has a homely feel about it which is lovely. The room was really comfy, as were the beds. The bathroom seemed new although it wasn’t too spacious.

I think the property was once a house as its levelled a little oddly with breakfast being served downstairs. The fully cooked breakfast wasn’t the greatest flavour wise but the variety of food available is fairly extensive and the waitresses serving were really lovely even though one woman’s Scottish accent was so strong I had no idea what she said to me!

Since my room was located a level down from reception the wifi was hit and miss but seemed OK in the lobby area. Overall this is a valid choice in Glasgow if you’re on a budget but still want the amenities of a hotel since the location isn’t too central.

Location: It’s probably a good 25 minute walk to the centre of Glasgow, however if you don’t mind that then the hotel is decent value. There’s a few hotels right near the Sandyford and therefore the dining selection nearby is pretty good too. Some of the best Indian I’ve ever eaten came from the Mother India restaurant across the road!

Price: A double room starts at around 32 GBP per night (59 AUD) based on non peak rates. Please remember that prices can vary depending on season and day of the week. Breakfast is included.

The details:
904 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, G3 7TF
Tel: (+44) 0141 334 0000


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