Where: Hotel Park

Verdict: Hotel Park is pretty good value for money. There is surely more accommodation choices a little closer to the city centre but whether or not they have the same price tag would be what it comes down to. This hotel isn’t the warmest feeling, it’s brightly coloured and when you walk into the lobby it kind of seems like it would be meant to house university students almost, but it is very well kept and the front desk staff were most helpful.

I stayed here on a tour and shared with my friend and our room was nice yet not overly spacious although we weren’t on top of each other either so it was fine for a couple nights. The shower was also pretty small but the entire bathroom was clean and looked fairly new.

There is a restaurant on site and the wifi was AMAZINGLY fast. Breakfast was rather nice, a great selection of teas to choose from and although there was no hot food there was a nice array of pastries and continental options.

Location: The hotel is only about 10 minutes walk from central Ljublijana. There are dining options available closer than the main part of town however the widest selection will be found here.

Price: A standard room starts from around 90 AUD (130 AUD) per night including breakfast. We were here during June, please remember prices can change depending on season and day of the week.

The details:
Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ph: +386 1 300 25 00


Where: Hostel Tabor

Verdict: We left Hotel Park in search for Hostel Tabor, which my friend and I had booked for one night post tour. We needn’t have looked far as it was literally across the road!

This hostel clearly used to be a school and as a result kinda gives off a strange vibe. There’s empty offices within the buildings and remnants of graffiti etched into the woodwork. The strange feel of the place was probably aided though by a bunch of legit hippies (I actually saw flowers in braids) hanging out near the basketball court who were so high they thought they were performing fantastic acrobatic feats in the form of badly executed cartwheels.

The property is a little run down from the outside but the room we were in was clean and really spacious. There is a surprisingly modern common room (although I didn’t personally ever see anyone in it) with lots of nice paper lanterns and the wifi worked great.

Breakfast was one of the worst I have ever had. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have high expectations when it comes to hostel breakfasts just so long as its edible but it was a stretch to say this one was. Even the fruit was bland. It is included in the price though!

This was a stop in which we needed to do laundry, there was one dryer and washing machine available and about 4 people wanting to use it so it was a lengthy process. Soap was provided free from reception though which was nice and the lady behind the desk was really helpful and let me print some Ryanair boarding passes too.

Overall the hostel is decent value for money and I would recommend it for a short stay of 1-2 nights only.

Location: Identical to the above review of Hotel Park.

Price: We shared a twin private room, shared bathroom for 19 EUR (27 AUD) per person per night. Breakfast was included. There are large dorm rooms available too which would be less in price. We stayed here in June, please remember that prices can vary depending on season and day of the week.

The details:
Vidovdanska cesta 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ph: +386 1 234 88 40


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