Where: PLUS Hostel Berlin

Verdict: This hostel is a large one but as I was staying with two friends and we were sharing a 3 bed private room it almost just felt like a hotel for us. The entire building is ultra modern and well kept. Our bathroom was super clean and our beds were very comfortable. There was enough power points for all of us too which was nice. There was a common area/games room on our floor with a pool table.

We were in dire need to do some washing and the PLUS has more than enough laundry facilities on offer. While we waited excitedly for fresh clothes, we decided to check out the pool and sauna next door to the laundry and kill some time. There was quite a few people also taking advantage of this too!

While we were there they had problems with the wifi the entire time which was a little irritating but no big deal. There’s a courtyard in the middle of the hostel with a workshop for the resident artist who lives at the hostel. We wandered in and had a chat with the man who was making some interesting artwork out of coins from around the world when we entered. Worth checking out if you stay here it’s a very unique concept.

Breakfast was not included in the room rate but can be purchased for 6 EUR. It was rather good value and is buffet style so you can eat enough to last you until way later in the day.

This place even offered free yoga classes a couple times a week and two walking tours, a normal city one and an alternative/street art one. We chose the alternative one and had a nice Aussie guy take us around for a few hours showing us some back alleys and such while explaining a bit about the culture and history of graffiti in Berlin. Worth doing!

Location: The hostel is located about 5 minutes walk from two major attractions, the East Side Gallery and the beautiful Oberbaum bridge. There is a train station almost right next door to the hostel which only takes a couple stops to reach Alexanderplatz, the main shopping area of Berlin. If you’re arriving into Berlin by air you can take the train to/from the airport on this line too.

There is also a decent selection of cafés and restaurants within walking distance to the hostel.

Price: Starting from around 23 EUR (33 AUD) per person for a 6 bed mixed dorm. There are also 4 & 6 bed dorms available in addition to a selection of private rooms. All rooms are ensuite only, there are no shared bathrooms for each floor. Female only is available. We stayed in May, please remember that prices can vary depending on the day of week and season.

The details:
Warschauer Platz 6
D-10245 Berlin, Germany
Ph: +49 (0) 3021238501



3 thoughts on “Germany

  1. Can I just say thank you doesn’t cover it! I’m going to be backpacking Europe in a few weeks and have been reading all of your reviews! I’ll be staying at PLUS Berlin first, so thank you for your insight and review!

    • How exciting for you!! Glad to know you are enjoying the posts! I just got back from spending most of this year in Europe so I’ve got quite a few more reviews to go, hopefully there will be some useful ones to come for you too 🙂

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