In-N-Out Burger

Anytime someone tells me they’re heading to California there’s something that just can’t be overlooked in my opinion, and that is In-N-Out Burger.

It’s the choice of locals and there’s a reason why at anytime of day you’ll find a line almost out the door- it’s the best! My utmost dream in life is that one day it’ll appear here in Australia but until then my waistline can rest easy and instead I can just convert everyone I meet into a die hard fan too.


In-N-Out is fresh, cheap but quality fast food. The fries are made when you order them and you can literally see the staff take a potato and cut it into chips in front of you- this is no ordinary burger joint people.



Part of their success would have to be attributed to their simple menu. It’s no fuss, no frills. Besides what you see on display however, there is also a ‘secret menu’ in which if you would like any variation on your burger you can pretty much guarantee In-N-Out will do it.


Some popular examples include asking for chili to be added, customising your burger to add almost as many layers of meat as you can imagine, or swapping the bun part of your burger for a ‘protein style’ lettuce wrap as a low carb alternative.

Protein style burger

One of my favourites is getting ‘animal style’ or even just simple ‘cheese fries.’  Animal style fries involve toppings with a mixture of grilled onions, In-N-Out’s famous secret sauce and melted cheese. I readily admit it doesn’t look like much but the taste is spectacular!


Animal style fries. Image:

The shakes at In-N-Out also deserve a shout out as they’re delicious but often quite thick so be forewarned that the likelihood of finishing one is slim to none.

In-N-Out also has a few locations in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Utah but essentially if you ever come across one you MUST try it- you’ll be hooked for life.


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