The Paley Center for Media

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, The Paley Center for Media is essentially a (predominately digitally based) museum dedicated to television and radio programs.

The center offers an international digital collection of almost 150,000 programs dating back almost 100 years. This includes a variety of news, documentaries, comedy, sports, advertisements as well as kids and variety shows.

‘The Jetsons’ vintage lunchbox

Props from current TV series ‘Pretty Little Liars’

A highlight of the center is the costume and set display that is set-up of the second floor which includes highlights from Friends, Seinfeld and other classic shows.

Costumes from current TV series ‘Supernatural’

Personally I would highly recommend if you are visiting LA earlier in the year around March, to look ahead and see if you can score some tickets to a Paleyfest. The yearly event is held at the Paley Center and sees popular TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Community, Once Upon A Time, New Girl, and The Newsroom hold panel discussions with the cast. A very exciting prospect if you want the quintessential ‘Hollywood’ experience complete with celebrity sightings.

A timeline of popular TV series

The Paley Center for Media, Los Angeles
465 North Beverly Drive (S. Santa Monica Blvd.)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Open 12pm-5pm Wednesday-Sunday only.

Adults $10
Students & Seniors $8
Under 14 Children $5


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